Pep assembly successful despite the odds

Falcon Flight crew member, Meghan Siebenburgen, puts shaving cream on student.

Delaney Garrelts, Reporter

The pep assembly this year started not with a bang, but rather with a stuttering sound system and an unwavering dance team.

It’s been a problem in years past, but this year seems more frustrating to Bennett Shipley, senior, because the pep squad had been promised in the previous year that the sound problem would be fixed.

Despite the complications with the stereo, Shipley believes “it went very well. People seemed more excited than usual.”

The gymnastics team had a performance as well as dance, cheer, and the band; other students participated in games.

A big change in the usual system was that the pep assembly was held at the end of the day, rather than the beginning.

Coley Hiteshew, junior, was not a fan of this change. “We lost our seminar! I need that time to do my homework,” he said.

Another new segment introduced at the assembly was the dance competition between four pairs of students.

Students could vote on the winners on Twitter, and the competition will continue through all of the future assemblies.

“There will also be a boys dance coming up in the future… but nothing else I can share right now. We don’t plan that far ahead,” Shipley said.

Throughout the year, students should expect new games, new ideas, and a new time slot for the pep assemblies.