KC offers nonconventional sports for metro area

Kansas City has many different activities and teams to offer. Sporting K.C., the Royals, and the Chiefs are some of the most popular.

However, there are more sports teams that many people are unaware of. The Kansas City Rugby team, K.C. Mavericks hockey and KC Roller Warriors are some of the nonconventional sports teams in Kansas City.


Among many nonconventional sports in Kansas, one of them is rugby.

Rugby is a fast-paced game similar to football. Players must be able to run, pass, kick, catch the ball, tackle and defend.

According to the Kansas City Rugby Football Club’s website, the Kansas City Rogues are “routinely talented and competitive, embodying the inclusive and social spirit of rugby club.”

The Rogues players aspire “to wear the hallowed red, white, and blue” and “red and black on Saturdays” during the games.

The Kansas City Football club is a highly competitive team with practices two times a week. Players on average spend at least four hours a week playing rugby along with games every Saturday.

“The KCRFC train hard year-round to compete at the highest level.  The support of the Foundation allows the opportunity for the club to potential compete at a National and International level,” according to the Kansas City Rugby Football Club’s website.

Roller Derby

“Roller derby is a contact sport played by two teams skating around a banked or flat track at the same time,” said Madison Strutman, Kansas City Roller Warriors (KCRW) team member and Director of Finance, “each team has five players on the track at one time.”

Each game, also called a jam, commences by a “single whistle blast,” according to the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

One of the five players is called the Jammer. It’s the Jammer’s job to score points by passing all of the opposing team member’s Blockers.

The Blockers prevent the opposing team’s Jammer from passing them and at the same time helping their own Jammer score points.

The KCRW has about 80 skater distributed between five teams, one of which travels to compete.

As of 2009 the KCRW has played in the Municipal Auditorium and Memorial Hall. Tickets cost $10 in advance and $15 at the door.


Some sports are more popular than others. The players of the K.C. Mavericks would all agree that hockey is their favorite.

The K.C. Mavericks, a hockey team, have won multiple awards, such as, “The Governor’s Cup for best record in the Central Hockey League regular season in 2013-14”

The Silverstein Arena in Independence, Mo. Is where the Mavericks play. They do so around two- four times a week starting in October. However, they do travel for some of their games. The tickets to the games are at least $16 for a single game, depending on seating.

There are not current standings for the Mavericks as the season has not started yet.

There are 21 players for the team at a time, along with two coaches and an athletic trainer, however due to rotating players coming going, there are around 30-40 people on the team at a time.