Student managers help athletes perform at their best level


Dawsyn Alexander

Rachel Mast, senior, helps manage the volleyball team. She works during practices and games.

Tristan Allen, Reporter

The school year has begun, and so have fall sports. Athletes are working hard to be able to perform at their highest levels with the help of dedicated student managers.

Football, volleyball and soccer are all sports that have student managers.

Solomon Webb, sophomore, is one of the student managers on the football team this year.

This is Webb’s second year of being a student manager.

Webb’s responsibilities include setting up equipment, filling up water bottles for the team, helping players run their drills and operating the clock.

To be a football manager, Webb spends three hours after school on weekdays and occasionally showing up on the weekends for the same amount of time to perform his duties.

“I just wanted to help,” Webb said about why he wanted to be a student manager.

Webb also wanted to be a manager because he loves sports and wanted to get involved during his time in high school.

Along with football, several other sports have student managers, such as volleyball.

Katelyn Hansen, sophomore, is one of the three student managers involved with the volleyball team for this year’s season.

Hansen originally wanted to be on the team, but she “still wanted to be a part of [the volleyball team].” Hansen primarily works with the varsity team.

She spends every day after school until 5 p.m. helping the team.

Hansen’s time during this period involves her taking care of the ball carts, setting up the volleyball nets, filling up water bottles for the team and occasionally calculating stats for the players.

Soccer also has its own student manager.

Porter Stotts, junior, is a student manager on the soccer team. This is his first year being a manager, and he would consider being a manager for the team again.

Stotts decided to be a student manager for the soccer team because he “wanted to hang out with the team” and to go to all the soccer games.

Unlike the two other sports previously mentioned, Stotts only goes to the soccer games to do his duties as the manager.

In addition to going to all the soccer games, Stotts also has the responsibility of calculating the stats for the soccer players on the team, such as shots on the goal and assists.

Alex Warn, football coach, is in charge of directing the football team’s student managers.

One thing he looks for in a student manager is someone who shows “particular pride and loyalty” for the school and understands can “work in a group and cooperate with others.” He expects that the managers also show up on time and work diligently.