Staff members deem Falcon 50 a success

This year, Olathe South is trying out Falcon 50, a fifty-minute lunch period where teachers are available to help students.

So far the staff has mostly positive feelings towards the change.

During Falcon 50, students can be found everywhere from the Falcons Nest and the commons, to outside or with teachers.

A staff member said, “I eat lunch in the band locker room and then go to different classrooms depending on the day.”

As to their favorite part of Falcon 50 , many staff members said, “Getting to hang out with friends” and “being able to relax for nearly an hour.”

Some use the time to do homework and meet with teachers.

Falcon 50 is helpful for students who are involved in activities, such as band. Some spend their time in the band room and enjoy “having extra time to practice.”

The staff’s main concern is how crowded the school gets.

One staff member said, “It can be hard to get lunch because lines are so long” while another said her least favorite part is “when people play their music on loud speakers.”

But, when compared to the first day of Falcon 50, the staff agrees it has gotten much better.

Because “everyone has their own space and routine now,” the staff agrees that “we have all figured out where to go and gotten used to it, so it’s less crowded.”