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Cold Stone lives up to the hype

by Evan Kauffman

Cold Stone Creamery is a wonderful place to get high quality, tasty ice cream for everyone to enjoy—in the opinion of several Eyrie staff members.

Several staff members traveled around Olathe to find and to try some different ice cream places around town.

Cold Stone was a favorite of many of the staff members attending the trip.

While being slightly more expensive, Cold Stone has a wide variety of flavors and also has some other sweet treats, such as cake and chocolate strawberries.

Megan Pham, senior, purchased a single scoop of the store’s specialty flavor, Oreo Overlord, for $5.50.

“It has sweet cream, chocolate chips, Oreos and fudge,” Pham said.

Straying from the straight ice cream path and deciding to “shake” things up, Maddie Black, sophomore, ordered a small cheesecake shake with Oreos mixed in for $5.50.

“It’s the best thing I think I’ve ever tried,” Black said.

The prices for Cold Stone’s single scoop and small shakes are slightly more than other local competitors.

However, getting something on the cheaper side of the Cold Stone ice cream spectrum, Khadija Ceesay, junior, enjoyed a mix of strawberry, mango and banana sherbet combined in a cup topped with cookie dough for $4.50.

“It tastes like a smoothie,” Ceesay said.

Vicki Kohl, English teacher also occompanied the students throughout their ice cream extravaganza.

At Coldstone, Kohl ordered a banana and chocolate chip single for $5.50.

One staff member spoke highly of Cold Stone saying it is a good get together place for friends because it is on “a whole other level.”


Sylas and Maddy’s offers variety Scoop Adventures

by Willow Vaughn

Summer heat drives the selling of cool, refreshing treats to fend off the oncoming heat exhaustions; ice cream is one of the more popular classics in this field.

Sylas and Maddy’s is a local ice cream shop off of 119th St and Strang Line that we tested on our ice cream tasting spree.

There is also an additional location located on Massachusetts Street in Lawrence, Kansas.

Sylas and Maddy’s has over 70 different flavor options that anyone can have mixed along with dipped cones and candy.

Sion Worley, senior, tried the “Triple Fudge” ice cream and “Lemonade Sherbet”, which is $3.29. Worley said that his choices were “definitely worth the money.”

Mara Gee, junior, decided on the $3.29 “Birthday Bash”, a vanilla ice cream with chocolate cake and sprinkles, that she hadn’t tried before.

She said that this flavor may not be worth the money, but that “mint chocolate chip definitely is.”

Sarah Buehler, senior, got “Da Bomb” ice cream, which contains cookie dough, Oreos, and chocolate chips, in a chocolate dipped cone for $2.79.

Buehler said that it was worth the price and it gave her a “good amount” and she wasn’t hungry after.

One staff member tried “Graduation Day”, which had caramel and brownies, and said it might be her “new favorite flavor” because it’s “all she wants in life: graduation, caramel, brownies and sugar.”

Vaughn said that it was “worth every penny” of the $3.70 it costs”, and the only thing that would make it more perfect would be a $5 bill.

Tristan Allen, junior, decided to test “Twister” ice cream, which had peanut butter, Oreos, peanuts, and fudge for three dollars and 70 cents. He said he couldn’t taste the Oreos much, but over all it was “good tasting, a good amount, and a good price.”

Overall, our experience there told us that Sylas and Maddy’s is very cost-friendly, had very good flavors of ice cream, and gave out enough ice cream to fill someone up and beat off some of the summer heat.


Baskin-Robbins has good treats

by Sarah Buehler

Although some people say that Baskin-Robbins is not the best ice cream for the price, after the Eyrie staff went to review this famous ice cream chain, their opinions changed.

Baskin Robbins has simpler ice cream choices while also being at a cheaper and more reasonable price than most ice cream places.

Evan Kauffman, senior, bought one scoop of Chocolate Fudge ice cream for $2.39 and thought it was an especially good buy and that the ice cream was very rich.

There were also flavors of ice cream that were much more unique like the Lemon Poppy seed ice cream that had pieces of poppy seed cake inside of the ice cream. This flavor got a rave review.

Willow Vaughn, senior, said, “The lemon poppy seed ice cream is like wearing a sundress and dancing in a field with singing animals.”

Megan Pham, senior, had the World Class Chocolate ice cream that was white chocolate and chocolate mousse.

Pham said, “If you want something simple, go to Baskin-Robbins. I wouldn’t go to Cold Stone, because it’s hard too decide what you want.”

Maddie Black, sophomore, got Cotton Candy flavored ice cream and suggests going to Baskin- Robbins more because it’s cheaper.

Black said, “If you are going with a lot of friends, I would go to Baskin-Robbins, but if you are going with only one or two friends, then go to Cold Stone because it’s a nicer atmosphere, but you’ll spend more money.”

The staff also thought B-R had more dessert items other than just ice cream in a cone. All of the ice cream was true to its flavor and didn’t taste just like normal vanilla, but instead was more unique.

They all agreed that they would like to come more often and that it is a lot cheaper for the amount of ice cream the customer receives.


Culver’s serves unique custard

by Mara Gee

Culver’s sells a variety of fast food items including ButterBurgers, cheese curds and soup, to name a few, but is best known for its famous fresh frozen custard.

Custard is made the same way as ice cream with the addition of pasteurized egg yolks.

The machine that makes custard is also different. Instead of pumping 50% air into the custard it pumps 20% air.

This makes the custard thicker and creamier. However, it melts much faster than regular ice cream “but I enjoyed it,” Sion Worley, senior, said.

Its high density and heaviness makes the mini size concrete at Culver’s have plenty of custard in the tiny cup.

The Eyrie staff members sampled custard creations such as the Oreo concrete, which had vanilla ice cream and Oreo bits, the Flavor of the Day – strawberry cheesecake, which consists of strawberries and cheesecake pieces, the strawberry sundae, and the caramel cashew sundae.

Willow Vaughn had the Flavor of the Day and thought it “tasted like the strawberry cheesecake suckers someone sold as fund-raising. The suckers were too sweet, but the custard is better,” Vaughn said. The prices of these items ranged from $2.59 to $4.49 and were considered overpriced by the Eyrie staff for the content of the custard and the amount of custard given.

The cashew sundae was $4.49 for one scoop of custard.

“I do not think the cashew sundae is worth $4.49. I think it would be reasonably priced if it was 50 cents less,” Tristan Allen, junior, said.

Another concern about the price was that the custard was fairly simple in its construction. “I feel like I could make that exact same [caramel cashew sundae] at home,” Sarah Buehler, senior, said.

The strawberry sundae was also one scoop of custard, but cost 80 cents less than the caramel cashew sundae.

“I could make several [strawberry sundaes] at home if I purchased the ingredients at the grocery store,” Worley said.

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