Choir students performed in pops concert

For the pops concert, all of the choirs sang a variety of songs from the 70’s to 2000’s.

Maddie Black, Reporter

Choir students performed in a Pops Concert on May 12 at the Auditorium.

“It is a show that features pop music performed by all of the  choirs, as well as individual acts from students who audition,” Elise Peterson, choir director, said.

Over 210 students and 20 individual acts performed. The concert featured 11 large group songs. Each choir sang two songs, and 15 solo performers, six duets, a quartet performed. The choir leadership team and the seniors also sang a piece.

Peterson said, “There’s lots of stress this time of year, and everyone loves a chance to relax and enjoy music.” Students audition for two rounds. One is an open audition for all students. If the acts are well prepared and entertaining, they are invited for callbacks.

During the auditions, Peterson looks for “preparedness, whether the audience will be entertained, quality of voices/performing acts, etc.”

Peterson said, “There is a variety of pop music from the ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘2000s, and ‘2010s.”