Senior CaSE students show off their progress through presentation of works

Willow Vaughn, Reporter

With the end of the year in sight, the seniors in the CaSE program presented their senior projects at the CaSE symposium on Thursday, April 20, during seventh hour.

Colin Brasel and Brandon Oldberg worked on parts of the 21st Century project website, which will help determine which students are best suited for the 21st Century program with recommendations from their teachers, for their senior project.

Bryce Chmlak, was also the only person who did not have a partner because of the uneven number of seniors in the program. He attributes some of his practical knowledge of software to his internship at Garmin. Chmylak’s senior project was a database for the Math Dept.

Ryan Schunk and Aadric Dowdy, during their time in CaSE, created a GPA calculator, were given access to the district’s webservers and performed scans for every building in the school district to present vulnerabilities to the heads of the school board and learned to use MySQL to alter database connections.

Brandon Keeling and Holden Essex both had internships at Garmin, which both claim gave them experience with deadlines, databases, and dissecting other people’s code. They made a queue to help the counseling office They designed apps for smartwatches, including the art, though Keeling claims that they are “not Michelangelo or anything.”

Devan Mears and Ben Smith worked on the counselor queue, the teacher recommendation page, and continued revamping the digital yearbook kiosk during their time in CaSE. Their senior project was the 21st century facilitator page, and both attribute being able “work with a team in a real world situation” to their experience in the program.

Brandon Woolworth and Bradley Zeeff took on the 21st Century project website their senior year. They stated that through the program, they learned that communication is key in complex projects, web servers are problematic to work with because of their inaccessibility, and critical thinking and teamwork skills are very important in real world work places.

After presenting, the seniors received certificates for completing four years of course work before they were invited to sign a t-shirt for their teacher to frame and keep.