Kauffman lands internship with local cancer research doctor

Maddie Kindig, Reporter

Evan Kauffman, junior, will be interning in the Murphy Building of KU Medical Center this summer with a cancer research doctor, Danny Welch.

Kauffman’s responsibilities will include “shadowing the doctor, as well as cleaning lab equipment, and possibly eventually contributing to experiments,” Kauffman said.

He will be driving down to KU Med Monday-Thursday and the internship lasts up until two weeks before the school year begins.

Although the internship only has an age requirement of 16, it doesn’t usually attract many teenagers for a few reasons.

One of these reasons is that the work Kauffman will be doing only appeals to a very select group of teenagers and also because many never hear about this opportunity.

Kauffman was introduced to the internship when his father’s co-worker discovered that Kauffman was interested in majoring in something biology related.

The coworker is close friends with the doctor that Kauffman will be interning with. Kauffman’s resume ended up getting forwarded to the doctor, who then asked for an interview with Kauffman.

The internship interested Kauffman because it deals with hands-on research, which is something Kauffman is strongly considering as a possible career.

He is very interested in the fields of genetics and immunology. He’s very adamant that he will thoroughly enjoy this internship being that Kauffman considers himself a “science geek.”

He wanted to use the opportunity to see if he would actually enjoy work like this as his career, “before [he] got too far in,” as Kauffman said.