Get informed by reading the Eyrie

Max Stoneking, Co-Editor

Four years go by fast.

It seems not too long ago that I was a brand new staff member at the Eyrie, and now it is time to say farewell as the co-editor of the paper.

Assuming the duties of editor has been a really enjoyable experience. I have always had an affinity for writing about sports, and covering stories from a variety of angles during my tenure has been a blast. I have been able meet some interesting people within the Olathe South athletic community, who have made for some really good content in the sports section.

Pages 14, 15 and 16 have had their ups and downs, but overall, I hope that the readership of those pages, as well as the entire newspaper, increases in the years to come. The staff really works hard to meet deadlines and the paper that comes out one Friday per month is entirely a team effort.

Having as many responsibilities as I have had has taught me some valuable leadership lessons that will definitely be useful whenever I may need them. Being the editor also has a pretty authoritative connotation, which, at times, has made me popular among my peers with the occasional “Oh, wow, you are the editor? Get me in the paper!”

However, and disappointingly so, a significant portion of the student population seems unaware that the newspaper even exists. With that said, I encourage anyone who reads this column to share a story in our paper that interests you with your friends, tweet at us on Twitter @FalconScreech, get involved with the opinion section and write us a letter or send us some story ideas.