Staff reflects on their successes

Jamie Pellikaan, Co-Editor

As the end of the year draws closer, the editorial board has begun looking back at the endeavors we have made.

Be it school, personal, or newspaper achievements, we had a lot to be proud of.

Christian Cortes, senior and the entertainment editor, received a 29 on his ACT.

Evan Kauffman decided his passions lie in the field of microbiology.

Others decided to continue their athletic career, like Max Stoneking, senior and co-editor. Stoneking will swim at Birmingham Southern next year.

Great accomplishments were also made in newspaper as well.

Brandon Keeling, senior, was proud to share his photo essay illustrating the changing cultures in Columbus Park.

Others, like Aysiah Loving, junior and assistant feature editor, felt proud after we completed our first issue as the new staff worked very hard and quickly.

However, tribulations were not unknown to the editorial board.

Emma Collins, senior and feature editor, struggled with not slacking off on homework.

Many had favorite moments throughout the year. Keeling enjoyed making Ms. Kohl, adviser and English teacher, smile.

Overall, we had a good year and are ready to meet the demands and challenges of the years ahead.

We would also hope you can reminisce on similar accomplishments and know your school year was time well spent.