Theater takes ‘Julius Caesar’ in new direction

Akuec Yel, senior, played the titular role in Julius Caesar.

Khadija Ceesay, Reporter

This year, thespians brought back the controversial play by William Shakespeare, “Julius Caesar,” with their own spin.

The play featured music from Led Zeppelin and Journey with a contemporary dressing style.

Chealsie Crum, sophomore, said, “I think it is really cool, and it’s a lot of fun to watch so many seniors perform in their last show.”

Crum played Lepidus in the show, one of Caesar’s conspirators.

Andrea Vanderbank, sophomore, who played Dardanius, said “There is so much energy and enthusiasm that passes between the cast and can be transferred to the audience.”

The old ‘70s rock music had much to do with the burst of energy, but also added edge and mystery to the scenes.

“[The reason for the update on costumes and setting was that] the focus on the show is the words. I think the play could just as easily be happening in our world today. Just as Shakespeare was worried about the transition of power in Elizabethan England, I am sure there are people that are concerned about our transition of power today,” David Hastings, theater director, said.

He also made adjustments to the gender roles, as there were more women than men cast in the show.

The cast was dressed as if  they were preparing for a college forensics debate.

The binders they held, turning pages as they said their lines, were key symbols in the play.

The binders acted as the characters own “agenda,” hence the reason for carrying them every time they went on stage.

Different colors also represented different things in the show.

The conspirators and their supporters wore red clothing while Caesar’s supporters favored blue. Characters that remained neutral wore white clothing.