Throwback fashion runway

Courtney Saysiri, senior, walks in the fashion show.

Delaney Garrelts, Reporter

The fashion show was held March 30, and it displayed the talents of the students in both the design trends class and the sewing class by showcasing outfits students either put together or made, modeled by other students throughout the school..

All clothing items that were not sewn by students in the sewing class were borrowed from stores like Francesca, who made a deal with the school to allow students to borrow clothes for the night to return after the show.

Bridget Murphy, sophomore, explained that the preparation process was “practicing the walk, getting together the outfits, getting the poses down, and basically practicing by running through the whole show over and over again.”

‘ERA’ was the name as well as the overarching theme of the show, with several different groups of models being given a designated theme that is meant to represent and capture several different trends and themes in many eras of fashion.

Some of the featured themes in the show were “Trendsetters,” “Black and Bold,” “80s,” “Timeless,” and “Rockin’ around the Clock.”

Each group of models had five to six students dressed to represent the era they were assigned, with some models portraying celebrities such as David Bowie or Audrey Hepburn, and some were just dressed to represent the time in general.

A lot of the makeup was done by cosmetology school students who were practicing their skills, and on their way to becoming professionals one day.

The groups were allowed to select their own music to walk to, which had no guidelines outside of being school appropriate.

Jaxon Cassity, junior, said the hardest part was “getting mentally prepared. Timing was difficult, knowing when to go onstage. You wait outside, one group goes in, and another waits.”

Despite people dropping out of the show last minute because of family emergencies or feeling ill right before they were meant to go on as well as the difficulty of timing when to walk the show went off without any major flaw.

The hour long show was an experience met with appraisal by the participants, like Murphy, who was glad to “be a part of something the school did. It was good to help support Design students.”