Retirement gives staff more opportunities

Willow Vaughn, Reporter

Retirement marks a large milestone in the professional lives of many, and it is one that some teachers at South will be reaching within the year.

Donald Meier, science teacher, said he is looking forward to “the challenges and changes of doing something different.” Meier states excitement for the opportunity to travel to “cities that are home to some museums [he] wants to visit” and “a variety of music festivals near and far.”

Diane Teefey, SPED teacher, is thrilled for “traveling to Ireland to meet some relatives, learning how to quilt, and reading for fun” and maybe even going on a cruise or to St. Thomas to shop for jewelry.

She said that she is going to enjoy the “luxury” of “sleeping past 5 a.m. and reading in bed.” She will miss working with students and seeing them excited to learn, but not IEP meetings, paperwork or bells.

Steve Ingram, PE teacher, said he is delighted he will have “the freedom to wake up and do whatever [he] wants” and be able to travel across the country.

While Ingram will miss the “interaction between staff and students,” he will not miss “the bureaucracy.”

Dani LaBarge, SPED teacher, is also excited for sleeping in and traveling. LaBarge plans on “exploring her options” and has been offered jobs, though she may substitute sometimes. She’ll miss the para’s, her focus team and the staff, but not the paperwork.

William Collins, social science teacher, said he will “be staying in education,” specifically in psychology at a high school in MO, so he won’t be traveling too much, “outside of summer.”

He will miss the students, staff, and coaching, but not some of the meetings, though he did find most of them necessary and very helpful.

Along with these teachers, Janice Tusten, secretary, will be retiring. Tusten said she is excited to “sleep in late,” volunteer at Meals on Wheels or an animal shelter, and do projects at home, such as garage sales.

She is also considering traveling the states; she has about four to go. However, Tusten will miss the staff and students.