Verstrate’s classes offer further sex education

Lauri Hoedl, Opinion Editor

Though many high school health classes in Kansas do not address comprehensive sex education and only teach abstinence, Angi Verstraete, FACs teacher, educates her students about sex education.

In Human Development and Interpersonal and Family Relations, Verstraete teaches about the reproductive system and different ways to prevent pregnancies, such as contraceptives and birth control.

Though she stresses abstinence-only, she also said, “Knowledge is power” and “the more [students] know, the better they can make adult decisions.”

Verstraete explained that the students love the sex education unit since “no question is off limits.” Because they are with friends, it is less embarrassing.

Because it is possible the sex education the students are receiving may be their only information, Verstraete stresses the importance of her class.

She said, “Everyone should take one of these classes” and that “they should be required.”

The classes reach over 200 students each year with the information.