CBR students help the mayor


Madison Bonner, Reporter

From unraveling Christmas lights to helping pack the little goodie bags you get at the dentist, students in the Alternative Work Environment program also known as A.W.E have helped in many different ways around the city and now have been recognized by the mayor.

A.W.E is an outside of school program that helps get special needs young adults into the work force and acquainted with new people and gives them the opportunity to work.

Remy Schilly, senior, and Olivia Kindal, junior, participate in the A.W.E program and got the chance to help the mayor with stuffing envelopes and to represent A.W.E at the ceremony that later followed.

Envelopes, pens, markers and ribbon were all brought to A.W.E for students to help write and package envelopes for different events.

Students from all the Olathe high schools participated in helping the mayor. The event gave the girls a chance to work with the mayor, but also to have fun with new people.

“My favorite part was working, talking with my friends and meeting new people,” Schilly said.

The girls received T-shirts and were recognized at the ceremony for all the hard work they do at A.W.E for the city of Olathe.

The mayor will continue to support and have the students of A.W.E recognized for their hard work and determination again.