Choir students head to Orlando

Maddie Black, Reporter

Elise Peterson, choir teacher, took 43 choir students and 13 adults to Orlando, Fla, for the traditional choir field trip on March 13-17.

“Any students that are in the auditioned choirs are invited to go on the trip,” Peterson said. Students raised the money they needed for the trip from fundraisers the choir put on like selling candles, chocolate bars, work at the Pumpkin Patch and Sporting KC.

“It’s a safe place for kids to go on a trip,” Peterson said. The students who went did not perform because of the variety of students from different choirs, they didn’t have time to put anything together.

They participated in a workshop, “Disney Sings,” which is where they help with interpretation and vocal dynamics with Disney’s live performances and soundtracks. “It’s like recording a Disney soundtrack,” Peterson said.

“I was with my friends and we got to go to all the Disney parks, “ Abby Allen, junior, said.

Students also got to meet the cast and crew of “Finding Nemo” because Peterson knows someone who was involved with the movie.