Theater department takes on tough plays

Khadija Ceesay, Reporter

The theater department is to be commentated for taking on the challenge of presenting difficult theater, like Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” and Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar,” which will be performed May 4- 6.

It would be easy to only present fun, light-hearted musicals and comedies, but the theater department stretches itself and its audiences by presenting current and classic dramas.

David Hastings, theatre director said, “Shakespeare plays are some of the greatest plays. When we were required to read Shakespeare in class, I became excited and ready to perform. I was disappointed because we only listened and read his plays.”

Many students study Shakespeare in their English classes and sometimes become intimidated by the language.  Seeing the play can help people overcome that intimidation. Hastings believes that “Shakespeare is meant to be performed.”

So, the theater department is doing more than just giving students opportunities to act and do technical theater work.  It is helping students with reading and interpreting difficult and thought-provoking texts.

And, those benefits aren’t just for the students involved with the shows. Anyone who read “Julius Caesar” and goes to the schools attends will likely find a new appreciation of Shakespeare. And, that just can’t be anything but good.