What does Bethany Bluel spend all her time doing?


Emmalee Reed

Bethany Bluel, senior, is very involved in many school activities.

Jamie Pellikaan, Co-Editor

Bethany Bluel, senior, is involved.

Between all her in school activities and aspiration for the future, it’s hard to see when she has time do to anything else.

One activity that has impacted her high school journey is Senior Committee.She recommends joining because”It helps you get involved your senior year and it makes you feel like you have a voice. It’s not much of a time commitment,”  said Bluel.

Bluel also has around other activities to influence her time in high school.

“Math Team and History Club  allowed me to join something that revolves around my interests, and I would recommend them,” Bluel said.

She also dances at Above the Bar Dance Center and works at  Agape Montessori School and Talbots.

Bluel enjoys her time working with children.

“They are always so happy to see me and they are so innocent and loving,” Bluel said.

Although Bluel likes all of her activities, it is hard for he to keep track of everything.

“I make sure I keep everything in my calendar on my phone,” she said.

She plans on majoring in political science pre-law and minoring in Spanish and public policy.

Bluel said, “I have always wanted to be a lawyer and be involved in government.”