Slam Poetry competes at Louder Than a Bomb


Ann Marie Hrdy

Slam Poetry members practice for an upcoming event.

Mara Gee, Reporter

Slam Poetry Club, sponsored by Cynthia Roth, English teacher, has just participated in the preliminary round of the annual poetry competition Louder Than a Bomb.

The team has also made it to semifinals, which will be on March 27-29 at the Gem Theater in Kansas City, Mo. The team must “wait till the week is over” before they find out which date they go.

“I should know by Friday,” Roth said.

The prelims were held at the Johnson County Library on March 2.

Members Kahill Perkins, Emma Nicholson, Amanda Pendley, seniors, and Kali Ray, junior, wrote a group poem called “10 Signs You’re in an Abusive Relationship.”

The poem talks about how someone can tell that they are in an abusive relationship, but then relates those signs to what Donald Trump is doing in America. Each member had to have a part in writing and performing the group poem.

Each of the five judges gave a score, giving the team a 48.3 out of 50.

Perkins, Pendley and Ray also performed individual poems. The individual poems’ scores were added to the group poem score to give them a total of 113.4.

After semifinals comes finals. If they win at finals, they officially earn the title of “Grand Slam Master,” Ray said.