Choir students participated in Harmony Explosion

Maddie Black, Reporter

Emmalee Reed
Six out of the 10 quartets of choir students placed in their division at Harmony Explosion on Feb. 8 at Olathe East High School.

Quartets from different schools prepared pieces and then performed them in front of a judge. They could either receive a gold or a silver medal rating depending on what they scored for the performance. They could get a gold medal rating but not be the highest in the division.

The competition was set up with four different categories: grade 10 and under girls, grade 10 and under boys, grade 12 and under girls and grade 12 and under boys.

The quartet “Stay Tuned” was the only OS group in the division grade 10 and under boys and it received a gold medal rating and was the highest scoring group in the division. Ethan Christianson, Evan Nugent, Jon Swanson, sophomores, and Jacob Berezoski, senior, were all in the group.

Chase Simmons, Peter Winslow, Kyle Kersten, juniors and Andrew Allen, senior, were in “Fermata Nowhere” which received a gold medal rating and placed second in the grade 12 and under boys division, behind Blue Valley Northwest.

“Chords R’ Us” was a quartet who received a gold medal rating in the grade 12 and under girl’s division. Megan Secrest, Brittany Taylor, juniors, and Kaeli Whitener, Erin Cantrell, seniors, were part of the group.

Kyle Kersten, junior, Andrew Allen, Zach Hoeven, Nathan Brown, seniors, in grade 12 and under boys scored a gold medal rating in their group “Rolls Voice.”

In the division grade 10 and under girls, Anna Hastings, Emily Tucker, Alexa Velasco, freshmen, and sophomore, Stephanie Cantero were in the quartet “Four of a Kind.” Kaylee Dissel, Hailey Pittman, Sandi Can Meter, Haley Johnson, sophomores, entered with the name “Party of Four.” Both quartets received a silver medal rating.

“Aurora” was another quartet in the grade 12 and under girls division with Ashly Boehm, Maya Burke, sophomores, Samantha Throneberry, Cheyenne McGlothlin, juniors.

Jon Swanson, sophomore, Dalton Hayse, junior, Ryan Richeson, Caden Toomay, seniors, were called “Chordiac Arrest.”

“All Strung Up” had David Nelson, John Dawkins, sophomores, Jaimeson Satterfield, David Swanson, juniors. The last quartet entered was “The Acafellas” with Evan Haight, Ezra Stanley, William Phillps, sophomores, and Jaxon Cassity, junior.