Serious athletes play year-round

Max Stoneking, Co-Editor

High school sports provide a competitive environment while fostering the development of teamsmanship.

Those are important benefits to playing a school sport; however, college bound athletes may have to go outside the realm of school athletics in order to get recruited. Playing exclusively a school sport, although a conditioning program may be offered in the offseason, may hinder an athlete’s ability to be recruited. High level college programs in sports such as swimming, softball or soccer to name a few, are looking for athletes that play year round, athletes who are already playing at a college level.

This concept is relatable to taking AP classes in high school in order to prepare for college. Those athletes who play at a high level outside of high school, in perhaps a club setting, will be more attractive to a college coach simply because they are playing tougher competition and meeting the demands of a college program.

In many cases, the level of high school competition is weaker than that of club sports. For a serious and talented college bound athlete, the school season harbors a connotation often associated with teamwork and fun. The club season then turns into a time for showcasing individual skills and familiarizing with top level competition. In conclusion, a college bound athelte does not need to abstain completely from competing for their school. They do; however, need to be committed year-round to their sport.