Why is Lynae Carlson always dancing in school?


Emmalee Reed

The Varsity Golden Girls perform their Hip Hop Routine.

Mara Gee, Reporter

The majority of Lynae Carlson’s extracurricular activities revolve around helping people, but her real passion is dance.

Carlson first auditioned for her middle school team when she was in seventh grade. No one strongly influenced her to start dance; she “just really wanted to,” she said.

“I liked it right away, but now I like it more,” Carlson said.

The following year she joined a studio called Above the Barre to work on her technique.

Carlson’s favorite style to dance is contemporary. What she likes about this style is that she can tell a story through her dancing.

Her favorite dance move is a “turn in second” since she’s good at it, but she struggles with anything having to do with flexibility.

Carlson only competes with the Golden Girls, not with the studio. Her most recent competition was Miss Kansas. She also competed in the Kansas Spectacular that was held at East.

For both competitions she performed with the team, did a routine with all the officers, and had a solo, which made it into the winner’s circle. Carlson was able to choose the music and choreograph her solo for competition.

She is unsure about which career she wishes to pursue, but at the moment she wants to be a pediatrician.