Trump nominations spark debate in America

Jamie Pellikaan, Editor

A new president in the White House and a new cabinet in the making- no matter where America is headed the next four years will be sure to make history.

The man spearheading this rapid change, Donald Trump, has made unorthodox, albeit interesting, nominations to progress his agenda.

Though each selection he made has sparked controversy, the choices for Secretary of Energy, and Secretary of State are the choices that cause the most concern.

Rick Perry, was the selection for the Secretary of Energy. Many environmentalists were outraged by the choice, due to his pro fossil fuel stance.

Many feel he is extremely unprepared to run an agency he not only wanted to eliminate, but failed to name in a 2011 debate.

Perry has also stated that he doubts the claims that human activity has impacted climate change and seeks to continue to rely on fossil fuels heavily, rather than working on improving renewable energy sources.

These views held by Perry could ultimately prove disastrous in the coming years. No matter where a person stands on climate change, everyone can agree that America must start investing in renewable energy sources.

The Earth has a finite amount of oil. With countries consuming more and more oil, we are running out.

Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson is set to become the Secretary of State. Tillerson, it must be said, has close ties with Russia and the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Tillerson’s nomination has been heavily scrutinized because of his business ties with Russia, as seen with his 2013 Order of Friendship award. The award was given to him after Tillerson signed deals with a state-owned Russian Oil company.

Being steeped in international business deals could become a conflict of interest for Tillerson. Though he has given up being CEO, his background still raises concerns. In order for him to be effective in his job, Tillerson must forgo his business partnerships and have foreign policies that will benefit everyone.

Despite Trump’s repeated cries to “move on” from Russia’s involvement in the election, the American people should still be wary of what Russia has planned for the future. Putin is unwavering in his goal of re-establishing Russia to its former Soviet Union glory as demonstrated by his assault in Crimea.

However, Tillerson and Trump may have few supporters on the Hill as several members of Congress on both sides have agreed that harsher measures need to be taken against Russia for their influence in the U.S. election.

The Trump cabinet is shaping up to be controversial and potentially problematic for the future of America.