Second Chance not understood

Lauri Hoedl, Opinion Editor

What is Second Chance Breakfast? It seems no one on the newspaper staff really knows—or appreciates it.

Perhaps they have not noticed the kiosk in front of the auditorium after first hour. Perhaps they just don’t like change.

But with Second Chance Breakfast, the school is offering another chance for students to get something to eat after first hour. In general, the newspaper staff is not a fan of the opportunity.

They question its usefulness and purpose. Only two staff members knew of someone who has used it. And, they think that the kiosk further complicates getting through the commons after first hour.

However, most of the newspaper staff does think that eating breakfast is important, but they eat at home or bring food with them. They also realize that their breakfast choices aren’t always very nutritious (one staff member claiming her choices are “to nutrition as Mongolia is to Cadbury Eggs”) as they tend to have things like coffee, cake, blueberry English muffins and bagels.

Some do go for more nutritionally wise options like oatmeal and scrambled eggs. Most of what they eat is not available from the school’s breakfast options.

Although Second Chance Breakfast is an idea that has potential, the newspaper staff finds that the kiosk is in the way, that the food choices aren’t what they prefer, and that students probably need more information as to why the school has decided to offer this option.