McBride practices art of trapeze

Morgan McBride, senior, performs aerial art.

Khadija Ceesay, Reporter

Aerial arts are not an easy thing to master; it takes skill and lots of strength to accomplish as well as a love and passion for the sport.

Morgan McBride, senior, knows what it’s like to have that passion and enjoy what she does for 10 hours a week.

She has worked and trained at Lucia Aerial Performing Arts Studio at 5001 W. 117th St., Leawood, Kan. For two and a half years now.

The studio teaches many forms of trapeze and balance such as Aerial silks, Lyra, trapeze (static and single point dance trapeze), Aerial rope as well as fitness classes to improve strength.

The staff and its directors “make choices based on hard work, initiative and dedication (talent is factored in the least).” Said Lauren Hudges, coach and cofounder  at Lucia Aerial.

McBride started trapeze at the age of 15 in August and it looked very cool to her. She wanted a new and fun way to exercise and something unique to try.

She has stuck with it because it keeps her active, and the people she works with at the studio are her favorite part.

The relationships and bonds she has made with her students and peers have made her a stronger performer and artist.

“Everyone gets really close and we form a sort of “family bond” during those few weeks.” said McBride.

She also likes to break and go beyond her limits in whatever her mind is set on and is able to successfully balance school and work better than most students as well as some adults.

In her time at Lucia, she’s learned good time management skills, as well as perseverance and dedication to carry with her for life. She’s also learned to be more flexible, physically and mentally.

Hudges said, “Morgan came to us just over two years ago with a fair amount of aptitude, strength and artistry from her background in gymnastics and drill team and simple desire to try something new.”

Hughes commented that Mcbride had “relentless commitment” to her sport and was on her way to becoming a very strong athlete as well as an artist.

Lucia Aerial is built on self-development and hard work to become the individual one wants to be. It takes confidence and dedication to reach a certain level.

One of the strengths she has acquired while working is building patience with students. Hughes may add that she has lots of “dedication, tenacity, work ethic, adaptability, teaching abilities and killer performance skills.”

McBride’s biggest fear she says is “leaving the studio for elongated periods of time and losing strength.”

Her worst moment at Lucia was recent when she had surgery on her elbow and won’t be able to go back to the ropes until March. She mostly spends her time now just hanging out at the studio and helping in any way she can.

In the near future Mcbride plans on continuing her trapeze job and learning even more but just as a side job during her college career as she has said she has other plans for herself.

Her love for trapeze and aerial arts pushes her to be a better individual and has helped her find herself while doing something that she truly enjoys.

Something she believes she needs to work on would be time management. “It always needs help because I’m there so often and have to be time conscious,” she said.

McBride believes that everyone is able to do the sport because “it’s really easy to move around for different body types.”

Hughes said, “People like Morgan don’t come along very often. The sky is the limit with this one, and shes already been spending a lot of time in the air.”