Why is everything Greek to Kathryn Bauerly?


Ann Marie Hrdy

Kathryn Baurley Girl Focus Greek Heritage

Mara Gee, Reporter

Kathryn Bauerly, senior, is a very busy individual with a variety of school activities. While she enjoys participating in her many extracurricular activities, Bauerly is most passionate about her heritage.

Her grandparents on her mother’s side immigrated here from Greece. Her grandfather made the journey first in 1963 so he could gain citizenship before he brought his family with him.

The first time Bauerly visited Greece was to visit family when she was 2 years old. The second time was during the summer of her junior year when she attended a camp called Ionian Village.

“It’s a camp for Orthodox kids to learn about our heritage and religion,” Bauerly said.

As part of the camp she visited Olympia, Athens, Kefalonia and Kalavryta. Before leaving the island of Kefalonia, Bauerly bought a nut for her mother and her friend bought butter.

She is very proud of her Greek heritage and is always eager to share about it when the subject comes up in the classroom. Her friends even made a “Starter Pack for Being Kathryn Bauerly” for her on Twitter, where one of the requirements is to be Greek.

As much as she loves learning about her background, Bauerly plans to study law. “I want to major in business, minor in political studies, and go to law school,” Bauerly said.