Falcon Feed looks to help views


Hannah Alleyne

Mr. Traylor assisting a student in his first hour video production class on November 9th.

Delaney Garrelts, Reporter

The Falcon Feed is the announcement show that all students have watched at some point in their high school career, but as it seems like fewer and fewer students are watching as time goes on.

The students in the class are attempting to change the show into something more entertaining.

In a survey of the newspaper staff, only 10 out of 14 students even have the announcements playing in their third hour.

Only eight of those people actually watch it.

Watching the Falcon Feed is how students can discover all of the school news, but if so many students refuse to watch it they might miss out on information they need to know, or miss out on knowing about upcoming events.

“A lot of kids don’t watch it because of how they used to be,” Simon Potter, senior, said, “extremely boring, in my opinion; (there was) nothing interesting.”

Students write off the announcements because they get bored watching.

However, people on the Falcon Feed crew work every day to make the show as entertaining as they can.

They come up with new ideas and try to have creative and fun intros and exits to make it more interesting, but it can be difficult to find a balance.

Randy Traylor, teacher in charge of Falcon Video Production, said, “There’s only so much time for the announcements. We’re allotted a certain time.”

There are only three minutes given to them each day, and when they already have things they are required to announce, it doesn’t leave much room for many things they could do to make it entertaining.

New ideas are being implemented to draw a larger audience, and they are working on future projects all the time to make it a more entertaining experience.

Ellie Stanley, senior, said, “Hopefully we can get more ads and stuff to make it more fun. We want to include a lot of people, a lot of students at South.”

Right now, they have a project where students take a selfie in the school or at a school event and share it on Twitter with #SouthSelfie. Students who submit a picture might be put in the intro or exit of the announcements.