Second Chance helps, serves late breakfast

Tristan Allen, Reporter

A new program called Second Chance offers students who cannot arrive before school early to eat breakfast or are not hungry in the morning before school, a second chance to have one of the three meals of the day.

Breakfast can be bought before school just like before this program started and can now also be bought during the school day’s first passing period.

“I’m in dance and can’t get breakfast before school,” said Meadow Eddlemann, sophomore about the Second Lunch program. “It’s very convenient for me.”

Eddlemann also shared that “the breakfast tastes about the same as the lunches” because the “breakfast uses the same ingredients generally found in the school lunches.”

While convenient, some students might not go because the Second Chance breakfast cart might be out of the way to their next class.

“I probably wouldn’t go,” Eddlemann said if hypothetically she was going to a class where the Second Chance breakfast cart was out of the way.

The program is funded by the Olathe School District and does not cost the school any money.

Second Chance originally started in some of the grade schools around the district. The program expanded into Olathe North last year, becoming the first high school with the program.

Breakfast became available during first passing period on Nov. 28. Clint Albers, principal, met with people from the district food services branch about making the school the second school involved with the Second Chance breakfast program.

“First day, there was a few [students], but now there is a pretty good line waiting out there,” Albers said about the students’ initial reaction to the new program.

One purpose of Second Chance, according to Albers, is to not “have kids hungry in class.”

Students that do not eat breakfast miss out on nutrients that the meal offers.

“Nutrition is a building block for success,” Albers said. “Kids sometimes get up late and skip breakfast.”

A benefit Albers hopes to have arise from the Second Chance program is that “kids will have the nutrition and do well during the day.”