Students participate in Cheer Ball

Willow Vaughn, Reporter

Cheerleaders and drill team members from all high schools in the district, and a few non-district schools, got their “dance” on at the annual Cheer Ball last December at Olathe East.

It is “more fun than other school dances,” Kamryn Barrios, senior, claimed because “it doesn’t feel like a high school dance.” Another reason Peyton Shetfield, junior, enjoys the dance is that she gets to “see [her] friends from other schools.”

It’s also very common for the girls to go with their friends from cheerleading and drill team. “Not a lot of people bring dates,” according to Barrios. Peyton Boxberger, senior, has gone every year and said it is like “a girls’ night out.”

Another thing Boxberger said makes Cheer Ball so fun is that there are “no restrictions on music.” The “DJ is very good,” Shetfield said.

All three girls agree that there were no disappointments, though Boxberger says it was “a bit crowded,” which is believed to be because of the fact that many schools that attended.

The Cheer Ball is “lots of fun” for the cheer leaders and drill team members.