Deck the school halls: library hosts Christmas tree competition

Willow Vaughn, Reporter

In the spirit of Christmas, the Media Center has been decorated by paper-link chains, snowflakes and Christmas trees.

The trees have been crafted by the staff of several departments, with trees from the FACS Dept., the office staff, the English Dept., the Social Science Dept., the Math Dept., the cafeteria staff, the Art Dept., and the Business and Computers Dept.

Megan Roberts, library media specialist, said they found the idea on Pinterest and decided to make it a competition between the departments, with the winners receiving lunch from the librarians.

The departments “have been really excited about the trees,” Roberts said. “Lots of the staff has come in” to admire them.

“Students have also commented on them,” Roberts said. Students have come in to admire and to vote on their favorite trees.

The trees very well represented their departments, such as how the tree from the Math Dept. had equations and Pi symbols, the FACS Dept. had an apron, spools of thread, and forks and the Social Science Dept. had a vintage tree with pictures of historical figures with Kevin Spritzer, history teacher, ‘s picture as a tree topper.

The English Dept. had a tree made of classic books with small figures of famous figures in literature, the Art Dept. had a tree made of recreations of famous artworks, the cafeteria staff’s tree had garlands of condiment packets and ornaments of food wrappers, the Business and Computers Dept. had a tree of books, decorated with calculators and with a women holding a scale weighing debit and credit, and the office staff decorated their tree with passes and writing utensils.

The voting on the trees took place from Monday-Thursday, Dec. 12-15 in the Media center. The library staff did not limit the number of times someone could vote, so people could vote as many times as they wanted for their favorite tree, or trees.

The librarians announced Friday, Dec. 16, that the Art Department’s tree had won first place and earned the meal from the librarians.

Roberts said that they “planned to do something next year,” even if it’s not a competition of the decorating of Christmas trees from every department.