Why does Maddie Suellentrop always seem so ‘cheery’?


Khadija Ceesay , Reporter

Maddie Suellentrop, senior, has been very much involved in the school the past four years, balancing after school activities such as Spanish NHS, Student Council, volleyball, etc.

One of the things she does that she really enjoys is cheer leading because it has helped her grow as an individual.

Suellentrop has learned to take pride in her craft.

Suellentrop, who started cheerleading in seventh grade and has continued on for six years, takes pride in the work that her team does.

She followed friends in middle school who were also cheering and figured she had nothing to lose.

She wanted to experience something new.

Suellentrop has several favorite factors in cheerleading.

Stunting is her favorite part because “it’s so rewarding when my stunt group works hard to hit a new stunt and we pull it off.”

Not only has cheerleading been an important part in her life, but is has effected her.

Cheerleading has had a positive effect on her life as she has met some of her best friends through the sport.

She said, “It has also taught me importance of being a good leader at my school and it has made a big impact on my life.”

Suellentrop looks forward to enjoying her last year on the cheerleading squad.