Superintendent advisory discusses districts needs

Khadija Ceesay, Reporter

Every quarter, the superintendent advisory group gets together with five students from each of the four high schools to discuss issues and ideas for the school district.

One freshman, sophomore, junior and two seniors from each school help to make a difference in the schools and to bring new ideas to life.

Drake Minter, senior, said he participates in the discussions because “I like to know I’m getting a say in my school and like to be able to speak out on issues.”

He also believes he is “being a good leader” for fellow students.

Spencer Foster, sophomore, has the same feeling about the meetings in that they are beneficial for him and every school in the district.

Foster said, “I think it’s a good example to speak out for every grade level and that I’m helping to bring about a difference.”

He brought up that during one of their meetings they discussed the soon-to-be-open high school, Olathe West.

They talked about what the school colors should be and voiced opinions about the mascot to make a decision.