Soccer season comes to an end


Brandon Keeling

Emmanuel Okwuone, junior, fights over the ball.

Maddie Black, Reporter

The boys varsity soccer team had a 5-10-2 record at the end of the season.

Will Stoskopf, head coach, said, “The players worked hard all year and showed a lot of growth in the end. We continued to improve as a team each day.”

Stoskopf said that beating Olathe North was the highlight of the season.

“There is never a low point, just different challenges that will arise throughout a season that require hard work and focus to overcome,” he said.

The varsity team could potentially have 10 players return for the next season and some JV guys who were called up late in the season could return, too.

Terran Bingham, Zac Pubois, Justo Cabanas, Matt White, Caleb Hundelt, Jacob Frank, Sebastian Gilt, Dimitri Thomas, and Cameron Waldo are the seniors who are leaving the team.

Stoskopf said, “Each team and each season is different. The team in the off season should focus on improving individual technical skills, speed and strength and chemistry.”