Southside Singers Hit the Road


Southside singers performing at the Memorial.

Madison Bonner, Reporter

Southside Singers hit the road as they traveled to Olathe Veterans Memorial Park and they will later go to the big stage at the Kauffman Center downtown.

The Veterans Day event occurred on Nov. 11, featuring patriotic music, speeches, a rifle salute and scores of flags.

After Southside performed at the memorial event, they will gear up in the holiday spirit and will head off to the Kauffman Center on Dec. 23.

The Southside Singers will be performing with Spire, a professional ensemble, that is paid to perform.

The group is performing “Messiah” a piece traditionally performed during the holidays

The group will sing four songs with Spire and be conducted by Ben Spalding, Spires director.

As more and more performances add up, the choir is feeling the pressure of all the performances.

“It is difficult to have many performances within a quarter; however, each performance we add to our calendar enhances the excellence of our choir,” Elise Peterson, choir director, said.

Although the choir’s schedule is packed, they enjoy performing outside of school.

“Each performance we add to our calendar enhances the excellence of our choir because it pushes us to work harder and learn music quicker. We love performing for outside events and giving back to our community,” Peterson said.