How does Olivia Bachtold keep track of all she does?


Emmalee Reed

Olivia Bachtold, senior, sings in the Fall Choir Concert.

Emma Collins, Feature Editor

Balancing out school, homework, extra curricular activities, and outside activities can be difficult if one is not a master at it.

Olivia Bachtold, senior, knows this difficulty!

She is involved in choir, softball, and many other things at school.

“I started doing choir all though middle school,” Bachtold said. She started choir because she really enjoys singing.

Her favorite type of music to sing is contemporary because she likes the mood of it and the general sound that the music creates.

Along with school choir, Bachtold participates in her church worship team. She tries to get as much singing in as  possible.

Another thing she enjoys is softball.

Playing first base and outfield, Bachtold was encouraged to start softball by her mother. As she was encouraged she decided join at the age of 9.

Besides choir and softball, Bachtold is involved in many other things that take up a lot of her time.

She learned to manage all her work by keeping track of all her practices and schoolwork.

Usually by making sure everything she has to get down  is in line and keeping herself updated on what she has to work on next.