Student graduates from modeling school, pursues dream career

Jamie Pellikaan, Editor

Pursuing a career in the field of modeling may seem like an unattainable dream for most.

However, for Rebecca Jenkins, sophomore, this career is a viable option for her future.

Jenkins has been taking two classes a month for the past six months at Barbizon, a school in the Kansas City metropolitan area specializing in teaching modeling.

Jenkins was referred to by a family friend because she had been interested in modeling all her life.

“I thought that showing other people chasing your dreams is something you can do,” Jenkins said.

The school teaches everything from walking techniques to how to manage competition fees.

“This month we are going over jobs and competition information,” Jenkins said.

The students are also informed about the availability of scholarships.

For two classes a month at Barbizon, the total comes to $375 a month, with an additional $1,000-$2,000 entrance fee for each competition.

However, the costs can be offset with the money won in competitions.

Jenkins has only competed once while at Barbizon with scouters in the audience.

“We have about 5-10 minutes to get ready with hair and makeup,” Jenkins said, “and people are always rushing around trying to get dressed before it’s time to walk.”

Not only do students learn the intricacies about the modeling world, they also learn about scheduling and body care.

“My face isn’t naturally clear, so I have to work on maintaining that. Also, my weight is something that I need to watch as well,” Jenkins said.

Though a graduate of a modeling school, Jenkins has other plans for her career path.

“I have always envisioned myself working with kids when I get older,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins graduated from Barbizon on Oct. 8 and will continue to model, but only as a side job.

In the Kansas City area modeling jobs often involve makeup and clothing work.