SASH, GSA promote diversity with ALLY week

Khadija Ceesay, Reporter

A smoother year than last, SASH and GSA members are proud with their readiness and success this year with ALLY week and plan to make Third Thursdays just as special.

Angi Verstrate, GSA and SASH sponsor said, “It was much better this year because we felt more prepared, had more members and enough supplies. It went smoothly.”

Three years ago, Verstrate got a package from GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) and she got involved through their website, thinking she needed to get everyone at school into ALLY week.

The first day during ALLY week consisted of handing out candies with little messages taped on them to inspire others to be respectful and thoughtful.They also had tattoos, and a selfie booth all throughout the week to get people excited and to spread the word.

Josh Coatman, junior, said “I like to know that I’m part of this organization and that I’m helping spread the word about unity.”

Selena Wilson, sophmore, said “The best part of it all was helping others feel like they belong and that they aren’t alone  through what they’re going through.”

Wilson has collaborated with a GSA sponsor in Liberty High School in Missouri, as GSA is a nationwide community of allies.

On twitter, she has spread the news and pictures of students involved in ALLY week, along with receiving positive feedback from friends and others interested in the event.

GSA plans on doing numerous things throughout the year, including something  called Third Thursdays to bring about diversity awareness and a sense of understanding to the school.

Third Thursdays is a school wide event that sheds knowledge on diversity and acceptance of others.

“We can’t like everyone, but we can learn to get along.” said Verstrate.

Third Thursdays will be enacted during the second semester of this year.

Events like SOC day (students offering compliments) will start in January of next year.

The clubs are welcoming members year round to help out with events and specials. Their next meeting is November 8.