BRAVE visits different schools


Peyton Mosher

BRAVE performing at California Trail

Khadija Ceesay, Reporter

Bystanders Rising Against Violence Everywhere is what BRAVE stands for and what they hope to accomplish year after year. This team of students band together to perform at various middle schools to show how disrespect and bullying can impact any and everyone.

Peyton Mosher, senior and co-president of the club, said “It’s nice knowing I’m helping younger kids overcome something like bullying. The best part is watching kids’ faces during performances and seeing how it impacted them.”

Helen Hardgree, BRAVE sponsor, brought this tradition from Blue Valley West where it had gone on for 10 years; this is their fourth year here at South.

Since then they have rarely gone to elementary schools to spread the word. It varies from grade to grade; elementary students are read books instead of watching skits. After the book is read, the children have similar discussions as the middle schoolers, where they share opinions and have pledge cards to help stop bystanders from being just bystanders. It/s to help kids think of the link to the movement and how they impact the lives around them every day.

Bethany Bluel, senior, said, “[I] like to be able to spread the word around to other schools. It’s rewarding to change the lives of younger children and it impacts everyone greatly.”

The reactions from students and staff are always positive “because they know this is a problem and want to help end it, and I have learned kids will listen to other kids.” Hardgree said.  “It would be wonderful to set the tone for [younger] kids to be accepting and help stop bullying.”

Students are often asked to share opinions and tell where bullying actually happens, and they have come clean to what they have witnessed around the school.

“We’ve had children speak up during discussions, and we’ve reported signs of bullying to administrators,” said Hardgree.

Anyone can get involved in BRAVE performances by word of mouth around the school, and there are always sheets to sign up for at the beginning of the year’s activity fair.