Kansas E Card brings benefits


Brandon Keeling

Kansas Library E-Card

Kieran Rippe, Reporter

Kansas E Card, it’s a great way to access your books online. The Kansas state onine resource, “Kansas E Card” is a super helpful way to get all your books online for school, its all free and easy to sign up for!

All you have to do is talk to the librarian and ask her to sign you up really fast!

The benefits include being able to access all your textbooks online at home or anywhere you need it to be, permanent access to everything once you have all the apps downloaded.

In the future it will probably be helpful to sign up for it because you will most likely use your books more often as you move up in school especially for homework.

The Kansas E Card can be used by anyone willing to take the 3 seconds it takes to sign up for the app, and its instant access once you have all the apps downloaded.

The benefits that are included are well worth it, anyone can get it and it is easy to sign up for, just do it.

Students are lucky to be able to have access everything online there are schools where kids have to share one book and if that book is gone that its gone for every body students in Kansas have the benefit of the E card.