Inside the Writing Center; what it offers to students

Madison Bonner, Reporter

Students who would like help with writing can now find that help from peers at the new Writing Center created by Marci Gibbens and Marc Gibbens, English teachers.

The program takes place during seminar in room 202, will run all year, and is open to any student in need of help with writing or just proofreading and minor fixes.

Drop ins are allowed; however, scheduling appointments is recommended so that a tutor can be scheduled for each individual.

The available times for students to sign up for appointments will be posted on the school website; however, teachers are also welcome to help students schedule appointments as well.

Individuals will be asked, along with scheduling an appointment, to fill out a green piece of paper that will help specify what the session will focus on.

The program accepts students from every grade level, works with writing from any class and works with any paper, whatever stage it is in.

Each student will be paired one on one with a junior or senior writing tutor that has been hand picked by Marc Gibbens and Marci Gibbens. The tutors received training throughout the summer.

Throughout the summer, the tutors went through two mock sessions and other initial training.

“Even though our tutors are students, they are very helpful,” Marci Gibbens said.

After students have completed their session, they will be asked to fill out a small exit sheet to provide feedback on their overall experience and time spent in the Writing Center.

The first session was held Sept. 15 and had a show of 10 students; however, the second session on Sept. 22 had a turnout of 27 people and has continued to grow with each session.

Marc Gibbens and Marci Gibbens started this program because of their passion for students learning how to write; writing can benefit students through life.

They will also hold an ACT prep Writing Center early second semester; the date and time will be released later.