Practice site for ACT proves useful

Jamie Pellikaan, Co-Editor

For many students, the ACT is a looming test to determine eligibility for both scholarships and college. However, many may not feel prepared to take such an important exam, and may need additional practice at no additional cost.

The Johnson County Library at offers a solution

By accessing the Johnson County Library website, students can access the LearningExpress Library which offers practice for the ACT exam.

This practice has no costs associated, and the only thing students must do is create an account in order to use the resources the website offers. A library card is not required to get an account.

Starting off with a practice exam, the website gauges a student’s skills with the four sections of the ACT and then works from there to improve those skills and ultimately improve a student’s score.

If a student is unfamiliar with the format of the test, the website also gives an overview and has tests that will help students better understand the test and the questions asked.

The student also has the ability to stop a test at any time and can save his answers and come back at another time to resume work.

The website also offers help with preparing for the SAT, PSAT and AP exams.