One Woman Show: A Closer look at the new gallery


Emmalee Reed

Brentleigh Greene, junior, works on a new drawing.

Emma Collins, Feature Editor

Brentleigh Greene, junior, and Larry Wayland, art teacher, have taken it upon themselves to set up a mini art gallery of all the artwork Greene has done throughout the years she has been here.

Deciding on which artwork to put out into the art gallery and preparing for it took some time at first, but quickly got going when the art started to be displayed.

Each piece she works on can take anywhere between a couple weeks to a month to complete. Over the course of three years, Wayland took notice of Greene’s artwork and how unique it was.

He decided to display Greene’s artwork so people can see the detail she puts into each piece as well as the different concepts she likes to use.

Most of her artwork is done with colored pencil because it adds a more realistic look to the drawing.

“A challenge I face is making things look realistic,” Greene said.

Greene feels that realism is a hard concept to master; she tries to make her artwork like an abstract semi-realism piece which means making things appear real yet are abstract at the same time.

Although she is familiar with colored pencil, Greene hopes to expand her art by using different forms of media such as paints, charcoal, graphite and others.

Another thing she wants to try sometime this year is to do more complex art pieces in bigger formats. She wants to see how the art will turn out.

Greene likes that she can get really creative with what she wants to do and that she knows there are no boundaries with what she can do with her art.

“As a child I originally wrote stories, but after a while they started to turn into drawings,” Greene said. “I really liked that I could tell a story through my drawings.”

Most of the drawings she has done have a meaning to them. For example, Greene did a piece with a wolf and rabbit. The wolf represents dominance, and the rabbit is the passive one that lets the wolf be dominant.

Greene prefers drawing animals over objects. Each drawing of an animal tends to have a different meaning.

After high school, Greene wants to pursue art in college. She would like to expand her education in art further and to improve on doing something she loves.