How is Courtney Saysiri always involved in school?

Jamie Pellikaan, Co-Editor

Being involved is no challenge for Courtney Saysiri, senior, and students know her best for her work with Student Council (StuCo).

“StuCo was one of the first activities at the school I was exposed to,” Saysiri said, “and I wanted to try my hand at leadership.”

Her first year of StuCo was spent as a representative  for the Freshman Class.

However, she soon decided to run for office her sophomore year.

“I decided to really commit to StuCo and decided to just go for it, and so I ran for office. I have held an office for three years now.”

Currently, Saysiri is the StuCo treasurer.

This office allows her to work collaboratively with the other officers to plan and run sponsored events with her fellow officers.

“It hasn’t really made me want to pursue an elected office as a career, but I can apply the skills I have learned to other careers,” Saysiri said.

StuCo can prepare a student for public speaking and organization skills in a job.

Saysiri recommends StuCo for anyone looking to make a lasting impact in the school.

“It’s a great way to get involved and to really enjoy highschool.” she said.

Saysiri is looking forward to her last year on StuCo.