Flight Crew enhances student section experience

Max Stoneking, Co-Editor

Falcon Flight Crew is responsible for all of the behind the scenes work for the student section themes and festivities.

Each week there is a special theme at the football game such as a white out, blue out or even a beach out. FFC works closely with the football booster club to ultimately decide the best theme.

“We have to talk with the football booster club about themes and then we all vote. If we want the football team to wear a certain color jersey we can ask for that,” Rachel Caroll, FFC sponsor, said.

In order to make sure all fans that come out to the game are informed of the theme, FFC runs a host of social media outlets. Twitter is their most common form of communication. FFC can be followed @OS_Birdhouse.

On the twitter page, updates on game themes and reminders of sporting events can be found.

“Usually [the game themes] are done before the season. They won’t change once they are tweeted,” Zach Hoeven, senior, said.

In addition to social media, posters are hung throughout the school with a countdown to game day, letting any student know when and where the week’s action will be. FFC’s main goal is to enchance student section participation.

At sporting events, FFC members are at the forefront of the student section. They ensure that the fans are as loud and supportive as possible. A student section tradition is throwing powder. At most home football games, depending on the theme, the student section is allowed to throw powder into the air. The powder adds to the student section festivities that make going to football games a prime event.

FFC does not only cover football. They plan themes for basketball and baseball and also advertise other school events. The focus is to keep the students in the loop about how they can participate in supporting the school sports and activities.