Flying high— Falcon student section soars


Ann Marie Hrdy

The student section throws powder during a football game.

Max Stoneking, Co-Editor

Friday night lights.

A high school football game is the place to be at the end of the week in the fall. Cheerleaders and students gather as colored powder flies into the air, all in hopes of a Falcon victory.

The student section plays an integral role in initiating and maintaining the hype for each football game. Students can become more a part of the student life by participating in student section festivities.

“[Being in the student section] is definitely a big adrenaline rush. We feel like we are part of the team even though we’re not on the field. It is an experience you have to see for yourself,” Easten Garrett, senior, said.

Garrett is a regular at the football games and enjoys the thrill of being in the crowd.

A football game can serve as a place for friends to hang out while cheering on their team. “Everyone’s usually having fun, everyone’s having a good time,” Bennett Shipley, junior, said.

Shipley is part of the Falcon Flight Crew, who oversees the student section at all sporting events and plan themes such as blue outs, gold outs, etc.

In addition to the atmosphere at each game, there is also tradition. At most home football games the Olathe South student section throws colored powder in the air as a form of celebration.

“Nobody else throws powder that I’ve heard of,” Garrett said.

Also featured at each football game is the “I BELIEVE” chant that is lead by Andrew Edrington, senior and Falcon Flight Crew member. Whether the team is winning or losing, fans still take part in the traditional chant.

“I think we are the best student section in Olathe,” Shipley said.

Home or away, the student section follows the football team along all season. The Friday football games are a prime event for high school sports.

The Falcon student section will be out in full support tonight at ODAC as the football team takes on district rival Olathe East.