Staff speaks on sexism in society

Jamie Pellikaan, Co-Editor

The 21st century.

Though a new century has started, that does not negate the ongoing social struggles for gender equality in this country.

However, because it is the beginning of a new century, many believe the issue has been solved and that there are more important issues to focus the nation’s attention on.

The Eyrie staff was asked to weigh in on whether sexism still exists.

Many believe that sexism is still in the workplace.

The most noticeable evidence of this that many cited was the wage gap.

According to “The Guardian” in the fiscal year of 2015, female workers made 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 21 percent. Minority groups made even less with black women making only 63 cents for very dollar white men earn and Hispanic women making a mere 54 cents for every dollar white men earn.

These inconsistencies result in tens of thousands of dollars of income lost.

For many jobs available in the workplace, women get paid less than men in the same position. The staff believes this is a clear indication of the ongoing sexism in American society.

Others believed that a workplace which is seen as more masculine or feminine can allow employees of the opposite sex to be treated as less.

One staff member said that the constant criticism on what to wear is a factor that contribute to sexism.

However, others on the staff believe sexism isn’t an important issue.

One staff member said though it still exists the topic isn’t as “heavy” in society as it used to be while another believed that because of all the awareness, the issues regarding sexism have already been solved, but they are wrong.

In a recent article, “The Guardian”, reported that the wage gap between women and men has only decreased by one cent in the past two years, highlighting the fact that nothing is being done to prevent this wage gap from occurring.