‘Starcatcher’ opens theater season


Brandon Keeling

The cast of Peter and the Star Catcher at the end of Act I.

Delaney Garrelts, Reporter

Peter and the Starcatcher was a play about a boy with no name (who is given the name Peter later in the show) played by Jacob Johnson, senior, a starcatcher named Molly, Maddie Kindig, sophomore, and the pirate Blackstache played by Ryan Hovey, senior.

The play shows Johnson as an orphan being shipped to a place called Rundoon to become snake food along with his orphan friends Prentiss, Dalton Hayse, junior, and Ted, Kyle Kersten, junior.

It was the first show of the year, and attendance blew the average numbers out of the water.

The average amount of people who buy the $8 tickets to plays is 130 a night, but the first night of the show had around 140, the second had around 180, and around 300 people showed up for the last show.

Students like Brittany Taylor, junior who played Mrs. Bumbrake and Teacher, were very excitied to put on this show.

According to Taylor, the crew “was amazing,” and she “knew from the very first day that they would be good.”

Cooper Dammrich, senior who played Alf, feels that “the concept is very different, almost weird. If we weren’t 100% commited, it’d all feel off. (We put in a lot of effort to pull it off.”

The play is a prequel to the story of Peter Pan,and it often had allusions like a ship named “the Neverland.” Tinker Bell even makes an appearance towards the end of the play.

Matt Minelli, senior who played Grempkin and Fighting Prawn, says “the best scene was the very end with Peter and Molly. It was cutting edge, and showed the moral of the story,” and he said it was “very cool to work with and see.”

It wasn’t the easiest play to put on, owever. There was very little time from getting the script to putting on the play, so there was little time for memorization.

Another difficulty came during the actual performances, with the props on stage and the pacing of the show.

“We had a lot of blocking that was very different,” said Taylor, “and my costume changes were so fast, but it all worked.”

The other major challenge was that some of  the performers had singing parts, and others did not sing during the show.

It was a show put on in a short amount of time, but the final result was a successful show that was performed with very little mistakes.