Regiment, cheerleaders parade at Old Settlers

Lauri Hoedl, Opinion Editor

The Regiment and the cheerleaders paraded through downtown Olathe at the annual Old Settlers’ celebration Sept. 10.

Old Settlers is an event filled with performances, art and crafts, carnival rides, concerts, and other fun-filled activities. The festival has been going on since 1898 in downtown Olathe.

Hank Lancaster, junior, performed at Old Settlers with band for his third time. The Regiment had rehearsal every day and practiced marching multiple times a day for the parade.

Lancaster said it went well “Since we were first this year and had perfect weather, no one could slow us down,” he said.

Megan Secrest, junior, performed with drill teamin the Regiment at the parade. It was Secrest’s fifth time performing in Old Settlers. She performed twice in middle school, and three times with the Regiment.

In preparation for the parade, the Golden Girls practiced 15 minutes with the band for two weeks prior, but learned the choreography a while ago.

Secrest said, “It is so much fun! I love the parade and seeing everyone smile and have fun.”

The most special part of the parade for Secrest was seeing Gail Holder, former Golden Girls coach, at the end of the parade cheering the team on.

The parade is Kansas’ largest parade and an event for all ages, meant to demonstrate Kansas pride and talent.