Alspaugh making a difference

Madison Bonner, Reporter


That is the best way to express how the new social worker Megan Alspaugh behaves to anyone around her.

Alspaugh is Olathe-raised and attended Olathe North High School, which taught her to appreciate the community’s diversity.

“I’ve always wanted to work with young people and to make a difference,” Alspaugh said.

Along with Alspaugh’s compassionate and empathetic attitude towards people, she also enjoys lightening the mood with some jokes and having fun.

Now as she influences students’ lives every day, she accomplishes her own dreams as well.

“I have learned that you can learn from the young people you work with,” Alspaugh said.

Previously Alspaugh was a therapist in Kansas City, Mo., and discovered how rewarding helping people can truly be.

While listening and giving feedback, Alspaugh sympathized with many people, and this lead her to what is now her everyday job of working with young people and making a difference.

In her free time, she enjoys going outside, supporting all the local sporting teams, and spending time with friends and family.

“All of these things help me relieve stress, stay positive, appreciate life, and keep me happy,” Alspaugh said.