Seminar gets ‘physical’—

Students stay active, play sports in north gym during seminar

Evan Kauffman, Reporter

Every seminar in the North Gym, students can be found playing different sports to cool down from a stressful day or week.

Kaleb Stoppel, math teacher, is the main supervisor of the event and a few other staff members help him supervise.

“It helps burn off some energy [the students] built up during the school day,” Stoppel said.

The first session of seminar is the time allotted for students to participate in the physical activities provided to them.

Anyone is invited to participate as long as their seminar teacher gives them permission to attend beforehand.

This event is available to anyone that enjoys physical activities, and those students are free to choose what sports they feel like playing that day.

The sports included in the weekly event are basketball, kickball and dodgeball, with basketball being the most popular of the three.

“Mrs. Snyder had the idea,” Stoppel said. “All the administrators met last summer to discuss the morning session.”

Administration met summer of 2015 to discuss when the event would be held for the students, or even when it would be available to everyone.

New people are always welcome to join, and the numbers of students willing to participate are increasing all the time.

They have yet to have a session that nobody wanted to attend; there are around 65- 75 people on average weekly to play with.

Trevor Hess, senior, is a frequent visitor of the North Gym on seminar days, and he enjoys the activities provided.

“I’d definitely keep it around,” Hess said. “It helps break up a stressful day.”

Basketball is the most played activity at the weekly event, and the second most played activity is dodge ball.

The sport for the week is determined by a rotation and also for the most part by what the students feel like playing.

One-week dodgeball will be the preferred sport for the students to play, while the next week might be basketball.

“My friends and I play basketball the most down there,” Hess said.

With such a wide variety of different activities to participate in, anybody can play what they want to help relieve stress.

“Stress fills a persons day too easily, and this gives a way for students to wind down,” Stoppel said.

The event isn’t run alone, however; Phil

McDowell, youth pastor from Church of the Harvest, helps run and supervise the event every seminar.

McDowell helps supervise the event to “Provide a place for students to interact and connect in a different environment.”

McDowell also participates in helping students with social anxiety with the free pizza in room 208 during Wednesday lunches.